The Secret Bliss of Making Homemade Risotto

When I volunteered to make an asparagus risotto for dinner one night, I readied myself for a challenge. I’ve heard that making a quality risotto from scratch can be labor-intensive, and you can definitely screw it up if you aren’t careful and don’t follow the process just so. I was ready to muscle my way through making a glorious dinner.

I was not prepared for how incredibly soothing and straightforward the process of making risotto turned out to be. Take a sip of wine, add more broth to the pan, stir, repeat – all while watching Being Mary Jane on the tablet we have hooked up in the kitchen. I loved every second of it! Sure, I had to be patient, because it took a while to incorporate all the vegetable broth into the risotto, but the process was rather blissful.

The results were pretty dang good, too. The combination of asparagus and mushroom made the dish a nice springtime treat. And paired with some toasted asiago bread, you can’t go wrong!


Check out the recipe I used as a base for this dish, if you’re so inclined to discover the bliss of making homemade risotto. (I added mushrooms to make the risotto even more hearty and the zest of one lemon to complement the taste of the asparagus.)