Project: Cap

cap amigurumiA few weeks ago, I started making an amigurumi of Captain America. The design was from a book/kit on crocheting Marvel super heroes that I had picked up and this was going to be my second attempt at one of these characters (my first attempt at Spider-Man didn’t necessarily turn out super awesome). I hadn’t really thought of it when I started, but that day also happened to be the day of the US presidential inauguration. As I sat there silently crocheting, I realized that I was literally creating an icon of true American ideals on a day when a man representing the antithesis of those ideals was becoming the leader of the country. I was reminded that Captain America stands for the principles of America and, at times, not for its government. It’s these principles that we need to hold on to in this time of uncertainty.

And that’s when I came up with the idea to create Captain America versions of myself and Tiffany: physical reminders to embody the ideals of an America that strives to do what is right. Now, I’m starting to create Cap versions of others close to me to hopefully remind them as well.

We are Captain America!