A Little Midnight Magic

This year, Bryan and I decided to usher in the New Year with a little magic. After sharing a beautiful dinner at Tribute Pizza, we braved Noah’s Ark: The Sequel (I mean, holy rainfall, Batman!) to venture to the Red Spade Theater in Old Town San Diego. If you live in San Diego, or have visited Old Town as a tourist, you’ve probably walked by the tiny theater without knowing it’s there. It’s tucked away behind The Alamo Mexican Café off Congress, one of the main drags. Bryan and I stumbled upon it while walking through Old Town last year.

Inside, the theater seats maybe 30 people at most, which is perfect for a place that specializes in close-up magic and interactive experiences. Bryan and I were lucky enough to sit front row center for the Intimate Miracles show, which meant our magician host for the evening, Sebastian, pulled a quarter out of Bryan’s ear as he introduced himself to the crowd, and I was invited onstage for a few rounds of “pick a card, any card.”

For an hour and a half, Sebastian amazed and delighted us, performing card tricks, making wedding rings disappear and then reappear, and channeling the ghost of “Yankee Jim” Robinson. A seasoned and charming emcee, Sebastian made us laugh, gasp, and believe.

I found myself simply enjoying the ride. I didn’t try to dissect the tricks, identify mishaps, or figure out how Sebastian was doing all the things that he did—all of which was pretty incredible. I sat back, smiled enough to make my cheeks hurt, clapped wildly, and let all that enchanted goodness pour over me.

I’m so happy we stumbled upon the Red Spade, because it was the perfect way to ring in 2017—with a bit of enchantment, sleight of hand, and good old-fashioned sparkle.