Her Stack: October 2016

I know my stack doesn’t look all that impressive this month, but don’t let the picture fool you! There was a lot of Kindle, library book, and borrowed book action in October.



Written by Marissa Meyer

Overall Impression: Loved it! I mean, it’s cyborg Cinderella…and there are more books in the Lunar Chronicles series. I can’t wait to read all of them!



Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft (Volume 1)

Written by Joe Hill
Art by Gabriel Rodriguez

Overall Impression: It was okay. I love Joe Hill, but this first volume just didn’t do enough to really grab my attention. I don’t plan on continuing the series.



Stealing Time (Servants of Fate series, #1)

Written by Wendy Sparrow

Overall Impression: Loved it! A sweet holiday-themed romance. Lovable characters, witty dialogue, and a fun paranormal premise.



Taking Time (Servants of Fate series, #2)

Written by Wendy Sparrow

Overall Impression: Loved it! I knew after reading the first novella in this trilogy I would love all three, but this is my favorite in the series. (Maybe it’s because the heroine is a sassy redhead?)



Keeping Time (Servants of Fate series, #3)

Written by Wendy Sparrow

Overall Impression: Loved it! The perfect way to finish out the series.



The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch

Written by Neil Gaiman
Art by Michael Zulli

Overall Impression: Loved it! Gaiman is a master storyteller, and this was a great, creepy tale to read as Halloween approached.



The Cut Worm: A Collection of Shorts

Written by Mitch James

Overall Impression: Loved it! Utterly creeptastic short stories about the human condition.