Our First Maker Faire

Last weekend, we experienced our first Maker Faire… it won’t be our last! Seeing the multitude of different creations that people had made—just about everything and anything from robots to jewelry to musical instruments—was so incredibly interesting and, as an artist, very creatively invigorating.

Maker Faire San Diego also had an extra feature of being held within Balboa Park and, in-large-part, inside many of the museums and attractions at the park. So with our Maker Faire admissions, we received general admission to all of these places as well (which Tiffany and I had been looking forward to exploring for some time now).

All in all, Maker Faire San Diego was a fantastic experience that was able to both stimulate our adult intellects while enthralling our inner-child wonder.

Bonus: Here’s a few clips from the Car Part Symphony (with a little help from Tiffany) performing at the San Diego Automotive Museum.