Nothing Like a Good Bit of French Seasoning

It was early on Saturday morning a couple of Phoenix Comicons ago at a table on the mezzanine-level of the downtown Hyatt when Tiffany and I were first introduced to Seasons. And with both of us having loved our initial playthrough of the game, when I saw it on sale about eight months later, I couldn’t resist picking it up to add to our ever-growing board game collection… where it stayed shrink-wrapped for the next seven months (sometimes it takes a while to get new games to the table). But with Tiffany’s back in recovery-mode this past weekend after an unfortunate tweak, we were in the mood to play something new (or, in this case, something we hadn’t played in such a long while that we had forgotten how to play) and decided to finally de-shrink-wrap our copy of Seasons to jump into the kingdom of Xidit.

Seasons 2

The story of Seasons has the players taking the roles of the greatest sorcerers of the kingdom competing in a tournament that spans 12 seasons with the prize of becoming the new Archmage of the kingdom of Xidit. The gameplay is a rather like Magic: The Gathering meets a dice-rolling, euro game. You start with a hand of cards containing magical items and familiars (characters) which you summon with different types of energy. You are able to obtain these types of energy by rolling specialty dice of different colors (large and satisfyingly-chunky ones) that correspond to the different seasons. These dice also dictate how fast the game progresses from season to season. Ultimately, you’re trying to gather the most prestige points by summoning the cards in your hand and acquiring crystals (gained through cards and dice rolls).

Seasons 3

This game definitely lived up to our memory of it. With its beautiful art and compelling gameplay which is able to scale in complexity, Seasons is a great game for newcomers to modern board games and seasoned gamers alike. And after playing it again this weekend, Seasons has definitely cemented itself onto our list of favorites with another playthrough planned for the near future!