Her Stack: August 2016

Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens (Book 1)

Written by Paul Dini, Guillem March and Tony Bedard
Art by Andres Guinaldo

Overall Impression: Liked it! I have a new love for the Poison Ivy character thanks to this book. She’s a badass!


Hitchhiker's Guide

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Written by Douglas Adams

Overall Impression: Didn’t finish it. While I know this is a cult classic and Adams’ humor is on point, I just couldn’t get into it. I blame my general aversion to (some, not all) sci-fi and space-themed fiction.


Heart in a Box

Heart in a Box

Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Meredith McClaren

Overall Impression: Loved it! There’s a single panel in this book that made me cry. So powerful! And funny, to boot!




Written and Art by Noelle Stevenson

Overall Impression: Loved it! I understand why this is a National Book Award Finalist. So fun, and the character of Nimona was a nice departure from female tropes in comics and graphic novels.


Underwater Welder

The Underwater Welder

Written and Art by Jeff Lemire

Overall Impression: Liked it! Spooky as hell and incredibly poignant, this book reads a lot like an episode from The Twilight Zone.


How to Be Good

How to Be Good

Written by Nick Hornby

Overall Impression: It was okay. Wonderful humor but all at the expense of a crumbling marriage. Perhaps as someone newly engaged, it struck a weird chord with me. But beautiful writing and Hornby’s wit is great.