On Target

I’d almost forgotten why I love archery. My quiver has sat abandoned in our closet since December of last year, a horrible time when Bryan came down with a nasty case of bronchitis. We stopped taking to the woods (well, Balboa Park, but it feels woodsy!) on the weekend and focused on healing. Then, we got swept up in Aikido, travels, San Diego exploration, housewarming parties, and early morning movies. Simply put, our recurves got a rest. For about eight months.

But then we remembered we had gift certificates to redeem at Performance Archery, our go-to archery retailer in town. The trip to purchase new gear got us excited about archery again, and yesterday, we made a point to visit Balboa Park for some target practice.

And it all came back, everything I love about archery. The strong power stance you have to assume to shoot accurately. The zen-like peace that comes right before you let go of your bowstring. The focused relaxation. The breathing. The connection with nature. The thoughtful practice of adjusting your stance or grip to better your shot. The time spent with the one I love, participating in an activity we both enjoy.

Archery, we’re back. And this time, we’ll stay on target.