Stehly Farms Stole My Heart (But Gave Me Blackberries…and a Llama!)

My whole perspective on fresh fruit shifted when we moved to San Diego. Sure, I loved peaches and apples and blueberries, but I rarely ever craved them. I ate them if they were readily available. Here, I can’t get enough of fresh fruit from local farms. Everything is so sweet and ripe and tastes incredible.

When I heard about the Blackberry Festival at Stehly Organic Farms, I was all about it. Yes, it was a hike from our place. Yes, it was a hot day. But Bryan and I got to roll up our sleeves and pick our own blackberries right off the vine. And…bonus for me, they had a llama onsite, which I obsessed over for about 15 minutes.

There was something special about gathering our own produce – putting in the work and reaping the rewards. And by rewards, I mean fresh blackberries with angel food cake and limoncello blackberry paletas.