A Story of T.I.M.E. Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons Edition

Once again, we’re travelling through time with our great friends, Jonny and Sam! This time we’re entering a world of magic, mayhem and madmen…

We decided to go a little out of order as we were all a bit more hyped at the the prospect of playing in a fantasy-themed world this time so we saved The Marcy Case for our next adventure and went for A Prophesy of Dragons as our second T.I.M.E. Stories experience. (I’ve since discovered that playing them in the order that they come out is actually more important to the overarching, game-to-game story.)

Photo by Sam Rodis

Fear not! No spoilers here, but these are some general thoughts… The game was so much fun! Full of tense decisions, hard fought battles and laugh out loud moments with twists and turns that kept us on the edges of our seats, I can’t recommend this experience any higher.

Photo by Sam Rodis

Pro tip: create a Pandora station based on the Skyrim soundtrack and have it playing in the background during your game. It adds a great bit ambiance and enjoyment!