Who Says You Can’t Do Vegetarian BBQ?

Confession: When Bryan and I first started dating, I was nervous about his vegetarianism. My go-to date dishes consisted of prosciutto and cheese-stuffed chicken and red wine stovetop steak. Clearly, those dishes weren’t going to work for me anymore. And would he expect me to go full veg? Would our meals suddenly become boring or…inedible, in the opinion of this carnivore?

I quickly learned my trepidation was for naught, because Bryan is an incredible and creative cook. Our meals together are hearty and delicious, and I rarely feel like something’s missing.

And, if I am craving meat, my man is happy to take me to a burger joint and let me indulge. He’s even offered to cook me meat, though I’ve never taken him up on the offer. I don’t have to, because our vegetarian menu is so damn good.

The latest example of Bryan’s inventive cooking: BBQ jackfruit sliders. They’re smoky, spicy, and the jackfruit has the consistency of pulled pork. Raisin buns add a touch of sweetness, and the purple cabbage provides crunch.

Honestly, these sliders are better than some meat-centric BBQ I’ve had, which just goes to show, with a little imagination and experimentation, you can have your vegetarian BBQ – and eat it, too.